City Swimming Pool

I have lived here for 18 years and this issue comes up every few years.  I do NOT favor building a city pool at this time.

Will the pool be indoor or out?  How much will it cost to build it?  How much will it cost to maintain it?  Remember, this would a be public pool, so there are going to be all kinds of DHEC requirements that must be met.  How much will insurance cost to cover expenses when someone gets hurt?  How many more employees will the rec center have to hire?  Etc, etc.

I think those advocating for a city pool need to answer those questions.  I can tell you this:  it will be expensive.  Right now that money would be better spent on infrastructure such as our drainage problems.  Sure, it would be nice to have a pool, but currently there are more pressing issues.

It has been my observation that smaller kids like pools.  Once they get older (teenagers) they would rather go to the beach.  There are quite a few family pools on the island.  My suggestion is to befriend a neighbor with a pool!  We have one and the kids in the neighborhood use it all the time, and we are happy to let them use it as long as they are supervised.

And I can tell you this:  it is not cheap to maintain!

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