Greenspace – Little Admired and Never Used


Well here it is my friends.  The magnificent Mayor Carmen R. Bunch Park.  This stunning 1.07 acre piece of property was purchased 2 years ago by city council for the absolute bargain of $474,385.  Can these guys negotiate or what?

The previous city council wanted to use the money as starter funds to purchase an oceanfront lot.  You know, something citizens would actually use.  Go have a nice picnic or whatever on a nice shady area while looking and listening to the ocean.  Wouldn’t you rather do that than go to the Bunch Bunker and watch the beer trucks roll into the Harris Teeter?

Jimdaddy Carroll called the oceanfront lot “ridiculous.”  Why?  Because we gotta put a large rental house on it and generate taxes for the residents who are screaming for tax relief from the city with the lowest property taxes in the tri-county area.  Residents be damned, we gotta cater to commerce!

Since the purchase of the Bunch Bunker I have never seen a single person use the property.  Not once.  I am absolutely confident an oceanfront lot would be used.  But what do I know, I don’t own a realty business.

Should you ever see a person in the park, please take a pic and send it to and and we will reward this intrepid explorer by publishing their picture.