Marina and Mayor’s Race Analysis

Here are the final election results:

Marina referendum

  • For:              598       31%
  • Against:     1316       57%


  • Carroll       1172       59%                                                                                                                Cronin          811     41%

Some random thoughts on the above results:  As predicted, if the marina referendum went down big time, Carroll would win the election.  I sent an email to Dick Cronin warning him of this and suggested he buffer his pro-marina stance by emphasizing he would make sure residents were always given priority at the marina.  He never responded to the email.  Incumbents who do not respond to emails, letters and calls are in big trouble.

Jimmy Carroll used the same playbook to win this race that he used when he was first elected to council.  Find a divisive issue, jump on it, and use it to drive turnout.  The divisive issue when he first ran was the plan for parking pods on Ocean Blvd (you know, the only “sacred” street on the island with no parking) and the plan for greenspace on front beach in the 3300 block of Palm Blvd.  (I still think this would have been a good idea – have you EVER seen anyone enjoying the Carmen Bunch park?  I haven’t. )

Carroll totally outworked Cronin.  Probably by 10 to 1.  And that matters.  A lot.  From what I have seen, the only thing Cronin did was put up some interesting signs.  Rumor on the street is the signs were made by Ted “Boondocker” Kinghorn.  I’m not sure if this is true because he does not look like the kind of guy who gets his hands dirty.

In the end, I just don’t think Cronin had his heart in it.  Carroll genuinely cares for the island and he should be given an open mind and a chance.  He told one of the candidates running that he would only serve one term.  After that he plans to RV around the country.  You read it here first.

Regarding the marina, it is interesting that after several years of study, planning and multiple meetings for resident input, the city did not see what a dog this idea was!  I have heard the city has spent over $300k with the company ATM.  What a waste of money.  Only government looks at $300k as no big deal.  Why?  Because there is an endless supply of cash if they need more.  Unlike a business which must go out and earn it, government, under the threat of force, can demand it from it’s citizens.

Final tidbit:  1,914 votes were cast on the marina question.  1,983 votes were cast on the Mayor’s race.  So 69 people voted for the Mayor but not on the marina issue.  I don’t understand this and something is fishy here.  These 2 races were so closely linked that it is hard to believe 69 people left the marina issue blank.  Any thoughts?

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the election below.

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