Parking Plan Z

Enough with the complaining and analyzing.  Here is what the iopobserver would do if appointed czar of the Isle of Palms.

First, whatever is implemented must meet the Beach Management Plan.  This has been covered in previous posts.

Second, what we heard over and over again at the public hearings is “when we’re full, we’re full.”  Do people mean once every inch of easement on the island has a car on it the island is full?  I think not.  Full means a reasonable number of cars (notice, cars, not people) on the island so that public safety is not compromised and congestion is kept to an acceptable level.

There should be parallel parking on the ocean side of Ocean Blvd and the ocean side of Palm Blvd down to 41st Ave.  From 41st Ave to the end of Palm Blvd there should be parallel parking on the intracoastal side of the street (because there is a bike path on the ocean side of the street.)

That’s it.  A parking plan in 2 sentences.  Easy to understand and easy to implement.

This plan has been presented to city council in the past and they would not implement it, despite the efforts of councilman Mike Loftus to make it happen.

This is an election year.  If this plan makes sense to you, it is time to put people on council who can get things done.

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