Coyote Conniptions

After reading all the chatter on Isle of Palms Neighborhood page on Facebook this weekend, it appears Wile E Coyote’s days are numbered.  The posters to the site exhibited orgiastic excitement that a new council led by JimDaddy Carroll would solve this problem and decimate the coyote population.  Cats will be once again be free to leave the house and kill birds at will.  Where is the group advocating for the poor birds?  But I digress.

There are comments on Facebook about professional hunters and trappers, bow hunters, traps, psy-ops but alas no space-based laser warfare has been suggested.

Here is my prediction of what will happen.  NOTHING.  Yes, there will be some public comments and then council will do what it and every other council in the history of the world  has done: it will study the issue.

But the residents will feel better because it is their guys now studying the issue and all will be satisfied.

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