The Isle of Signs

We have just learned that to implement the new parking plan the city will need to plant at least 320 new signs!  Now, instead of a sign every 40 feet telling you something you can’t do, we will now have one every 20 feet.

Councilmember Ferencz astutely commented that the IOP will soon by known as the Isle of Signs.  But worry not fair reader.  Because every councilmember is sworn to “fiscal conservatism or death by hari-kiri”, the signs will not be the nice, natural wooden ones you see on Sullivans Island, but the cheapest metal ones they can find.  It is all in keeping with our “North Charleston-by-the-Sea” motif that tells visitors we don’t really care about keeping our neighborhoods beautiful.  Don’t believe me, just look at our gorgeous gas station as you enter the island.  More on that in another post.

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