iopobserver Gets Results!

Greenspace without cones

An earlier post on the iopobserver noted that someone had placed orange traffic cones to prevent anyone from parking in the lot at the city’s fabulous greenspace.  Those cones are now gone and 2 signs (Sign, sign, everywhere a sign…- sing along with me!) have been put up.  They say:  Do Not Block Driveway.  I am not quite sure why the signs were put up.  Regardless, the lot is now open!  So grab the kids and a picnic basket and enjoy the peacefulness of Palm Blvd while watching beer trucks unload at the Harris Teeter.

Marina street without crime tape

This photo is taken on 41st Avenue across the street from the Marina.  After the iopobserver commented on the crime scene tape strung between the poles, someone took it down.  The tape that was left up says Caution.

The iopobserver gets results!  Eat your heart out Harve Jacobs.

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