Put the Cheese on the Cracker*

There is a city council election coming up in November of this year.  If you would like to see some changes, here is your opportunity to find out how sausage is made.

The incumbents up for re-election are:

Ryan Buckhannon

Jimmy Carroll

Mike Loftus

Jimmy Ward

All have picked up petitions to run again.  If you would like to challenge one of them, pick up the voter petition from at City Hall on the second floor.  Your petition must contain the name, address, signature and voter ID number of at least 5% of the registered voters on the IOP.  This will come to somewhere a bit over 200 signatures.  City Hall will be able to give you the exact number.

Most signers will not know their voter ID number.  City Hall has a master list of voters and you can look up the numbers there.

These petitions must be turned in by August 24, and just like that, you will be on the ballot.

If you are tired of city council’s inability to deal with parking, quit kvetching and do something about it.  There are a lot of talented people with some great ideas on this island.  Sitting on your tookus in front of the TV and complaining changes nothing.  Get out there and make IOP a better place to live.

*If you can name the source of this quote without resorting to Google, you will be prominently mentioned in a future iopobserver posting.  Or not.

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