IOP Parking Expo


IOP held a very informative expo at the Rec Center on Dec 3.  City administration was present to answer questions as was our city attorney.  Most of the city councilmembers were there and available for chatting.  A shout out to Councilmember Bettelli who backed parking on the “sacred” Ocean Blvd.

Look at the map below:


Streets in red are for beach parking by anyone.  Streets in green require a residential permit to park in the easement.

But, look closely.  There are some streets that are white.  For example, a good long stretch of Waterway leading up to the marina.  Who can park there?


The IOP Marina, bought and paid for by the citizens of IOP needs to make sure they have tons of parking to service all those people who do not live here.

Not only does a property we bought and own charge us to launch our boats, they actively encourage off island residents to come here and generate more traffic.

It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  How about you?

One thought on “IOP Parking Expo

  1. Sell annual or daily passes for any residents and a limited number of day passes for non residents. I’ve had to take my trailer home and golf cart back several times because of no spaces even though I have an annual residents pass. It’s not to much of a problem off season but good lord the holidays are a mess.


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