IOP Parking Garage

The Post and Courier reported this week that IOP has been approached by an out of state company interested in possibly building a parking garage for beach visitors.

Any mention of a parking garage in the past has been dismissed in a nanosecond by virtually every resident of the IOP.

But think about this for 2 nanoseconds:  Would you be in favor of such a building if it eliminated all other daytripper parking on the island?

I don’t know if that is feasible, lawful, whatever.  But if it could be done, well, what would you think then?

3 thoughts on “IOP Parking Garage

  1. What if a garage generated enough money for the city to run a trolley up and down Ocean and Palm Blvd.? My point is this: Instead of instinctively rejecting this (or any idea), give the whole idea careful thought. After that, it may indeed, be something we don’t want, but I think we need look outside the box and start being proactive rather reactive as we have been for 50 years.


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