Parking Plan A


Parking Plan A

Please look at the above maps to fully understand this plan.  Clicking on the map will enlarge it for easier viewing.  Then hit the back button to return to this page.

Parking for daytrippers is labeled “Beach Visitor Parking” on the maps.  In city council meeting notes this is also called the “Beach Overlay District.”

The parking spots in the Beach Visitor Parking areas all meet the criteria called for in the beach management plan so the city can maintain eligibility for beach renourisment funding in the future.  The pay to park program would run from the end of May through the end of August between 9 am and 6 pm each day.  (More or less, as this could be adjusted by the city.)

The beach visitor parking would be paid parking and is designated by the red squiggly lines.  The details of paid parking are still to be worked out – and what BIG details they are!  So big, in fact, that the parking plan has been delayed yet another year.

All other parking would be “Regulated Resident Only Parking.”  All residents and homeowners would have a special decal or tag for their vehicle permitting them to park in the right of way.  NO daytripper could park here.

If you live here and plan to have more guests than your driveway can accommodate,  you would need to get some tags from the city to put on your guests cars so they could park in the right of way.

Question: How often do you have so many people at your house that some of them need to park in the right of way?  This is critical to think about as you decide if you like Plan A or Plan B.

For the record, Mike Loftus was the only councilmember to vote for this plan initially.

Council then went into executive session to receive information from the city attorney.  What this usually means is to get information on all the people that will or could sue the city because of a particular move made by council.

After the executive session, Plan A was supported by Carrol, Harrington and Loftus.

Finally, note that there is NO parking on Ocean Blvd, while Palm Blvd will be jammed with cars.

The next post will explain Plan B.

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