Parking Plan B


Parking Plan B

Now let’s look at Parking Plan B.  You will see that it has the same Beach Visitor Parking as Plan A.  This would be paid parking for daytrippers.  Once again, there is no parking on Ocean Blvd.

In Plan B, however, the Regulated Resident Only Parking area is much smaller.  Click on the maps to enlarge them and you will see this is the area between the red and yellow squiggly lines.  In other words, this is the area that is more than 500 feet but less than 1000 feet from the beach.

No daytrippers can park here.  Residents and homeowners with a decal or a tag can park in the right of way here and so can guests of residents or homeowners who get a tag from the city.

In the area labeled Unregulated, anyone can park in the right of way at any time.  So if a daytripper does not want to pay to park (or can’t because all the passes for that day are sold) and doesn’t mind walking more than 1000 feet to the beach, he can park anywhere in the yellow area.

Question:  If you drove here all the way from Moncks Corner and there was no paid parking, would you turn around and go home or would you stop to unload your stuff and kids on Palm Blvd and then have one person drive the car deep into the island to park it?

For the record, the following councilmembers voted for this option: Bergwerf, Bettelli, Buckhannon, Cronin, Ferencz, and Ward.

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