Offshore Drilling, Plastic Bags……….and Maybe Parking

As the weather turns nice we saw cars lined up to Rifle Range Road at the end of April waiting to get onto the IOP.  As we approach another summer season and the tsumani of cars it will bring, IOP City Council spends its time on peripheral issues.

First, council dealt with offshore drilling.

Then council decided to take on plastic bags.

To be clear, this editor is not taking a position one way or another on these issues.  Perhaps, you say, Council can certainly do more than one thing at a time.  Well, clearly this is not the case as Council has been “working” on daytripper parking for 6 years. What is concerning is that the house is burning down and council is worried about the weeds in the yard.  We are again about to be overrun with daytrippers and again a plan has been delayed until NEXT summer.

More than likely something will come up to delay it next summer as well.

Come on folks, just do something, anything, besides talking and planning, and talking and planning and talking and planning.

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