The “Other” No Parking Area


Yes, besides Ocean Blvd, there is another No Parking Zone on the IOP.  Pictured above is the city-purchased Greenspace!  When purchased many had the thought that it would be left in its natural state thus making it a sanctuary for birds and other wildlife.  Nope.  City hires some dudes to come in and clear it out.  Then city decides it needs a parking lot.  As best this editor can tell, employees of the shops next door starting using the lot all day, so cones were put up so no one could use it!

The photo below is what the lot looked like when purchased by the city.

new greenspace

Snap decisions on this site made by a city council that has been thinking about parking for years and still with a lot more thinking to go!

Now that the space has been cleared, could it be used for daytripper parking….?

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