Greenspace – Part 2

Lost in Space…..rather, Greenspace!

Danger Will Robinson!! The enlightened IOP City Council spent $474,385 on this amazing 1.07 acre piece of real estate in order to preserve it for posterity. This beautiful lot is adjacent to the new Vet’s office and will be a marvelous pristine, private preserve in perpetuity for island residents to enjoy.

It was remarked by some on Council that this lot in its natural state would serve as a buffer between the houses on 20th Avenue and the commercial district.  Well, there isn’t much of a buffer once all the vegetation was removed.

Come on kids, let’s go have a picnic next to the access road to the new grocery store!  We can watch the trucks roll in to unload beer!

This makes SO much more sense than what the previous council was trying to do. You remember.  Find private funding for an oceanfront lot, a place where you could have a picnic in the shade while watching and listening to the ocean.  Nope.  We needed to develop that lot so it could be added to the tax rolls.  Wow – after a mini-mansion was built on it, it now brings in a couple of hundred extra dollars to the city.

Has anyone seen a single IOP resident use the new greenspace?  I haven’t.

As JimDaddy Carroll so eloquently put it, “Ridiculous!”

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