Parking Lots

City Lot

County Lot

Would you rather park in the first lot above or the one below it?  Yeah, me too!

Of course, the first lot is operated by the City of IOP and the second lot is operated by Charleston County Parks and Recreation.

I walked through both lots at 10 am, Sunday, June 14, 2015.  The difference between the 2 lots was like nothing I could have imagined.

I counted 49 pieces of trash in the city lot and 2 pieces of trash in the county lot. 

County Lot worker

The above photo was taken in the county lot.  What do you notice?  A young man nicely dressed.  Look closely at his right hand.  He has a walkie talkie to coordinate parking.  The county lot had 5 employees on duty.

Not quite the same story at the city lot.  I saw one middle aged woman sitting in the box wearing a tank top and sporting a large tatoo on her right arm.  I have decided not to post a photo of this.  Nothing says welcome to an upscale, beautiful beach community quite like this…

So, if you are coming to visit the beach, would you pay to park in the dirty city lot or go down the road several blocks and park for free?  The contract for management of the city lot was renewed several years ago.  I hope to comment on that in a future post.

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