Ain’t No Sunshine…with this City Council

Am I the only person frustrated by how difficult it is to see what our city is doing in something approximating real time?

Here is what I mean.  City Council met for its monthly meeting on Tuesday, June 23.  Typically council meetings deal with issues that have come up through the committee system.  There are 6 committees and they meet every month.  The meetings are open to the public and are taped.  So you can go to the meeting or you can go to City Hall and listen to the tape.  Who has time for that?  Seriously.

The most time efficient way to know what happened is to read the minutes of the meeting.  The trouble is, the minutes are not put online for months as the following will demonstrate.  Remember, each committee typically meets every month.  As of June 23 the following minutes were posted on the website:

City Council, March 31

Ways and Means, April 21

Personnel Committee, April 8

Public Safety, April 9

Public Works, April 9

Real Property, April 8

Recreation Committee, April 6

So, most of these committees have met twice since their last minutes were published.  Simply put, this is not acceptable.  City Council could easily fix this problem if they wanted to.  Why wouldn’t they want to fix it?  Maybe we should ask them.

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