Noise Complaints…or the Death of the Livability Program

What follows are the noise complaints for the past 6 years as reported by the police department.  The first number is the number of complaints, followed by the number of citations written, followed by the percentage of complaints that resulted in a citatation.

2009     196     35     19.9%

2010     241     46     19.1%

2011     221     25     11.3%

2012     194     15      7.7%

2013     193     4      2.1%

2014     170     9      5.3%

I think the numbers speak for themselves!  The livability program started off with good intentions and a bang and is slowly dying.  The numbers show there is still plenty of noise but no citations are being written.  Why is that?  Maybe our city council members need to be asking this question and not some blogger.

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