No Parking at the Marina

No parking at marina

No parking at marina 2

The above photos were taken on 41st Avenue just across the street from the marina.  The first picture shows an area designated No Parking by legal signs.  Someone has accentuated this with crime scene tape.  (Just further showcasing the beautiful, upscale island we call home!)

The second photo covers the area from when you leave the marina parking lot until you get to the no parking zone.  Someone has put some sticks in the ground and strung a rope between them to keep people from parking there.  And as far as I can tell it is working!

Of course, this is against the law, but again, is a law that is not enforced really a law?

One take away from this is a very simple and cheap solution to the gridlock on Palm Blvd…!

Who’s with me?!

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