Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign…155 Signs

Signs on Palm Blvd

Look closely at the above photo.  In a space of 10 yards on Palm Blvd there are 10 regulatory signs!  It got me thinking, just how many signs are there between my house and the connector?

From 34th Avenue to the connector is about 1.25 miles.  Here is the breakdown of signs on each side of Palm Blvd: (this does not include street signs)

From 34th Ave to the connector:  Regulatory signs      42

Information signs     22

Total                         64

From the connector to 34th Ave:  Regulatory signs      45

Information signs     21

Total                         66

Total Number of Signs: 130

1.25 miles is 6600 feet. Yep, there is a sign every 51 feet. A speed of 35 mph translates to 51 feet/sec. So as you drive down Palm Blvd there is a sign every second. Hopefully one only looks at the signs on his side of the road, so that would reduce this in half to a sign every 2 seconds!

And worst of all, the signs are the cheap metal crap probably stamped out in a prison workshop.  We live on the one of the most beautiful areas of South Carolina and we litter it up with all these cheap signs.

Finally, I did not include signs at beach access points.   Here there are another 25 signs, 18 of which are, of course, regulatory.

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