New Litter on a Stick – aka Free Advertising for Your Business

Palm Blvd-Windjammer

21st Ave - Dunes Properties

Waterway Ave - IOP Marina

Palm Blvd 2 - Windjammer

As if we don’t have enough signs polluting our lovely island, these recently appeared.  As always, they are of the beautiful stamped metal design probably produced at a state prison.

I have not seen any group clean a street since the long dead IOPNA regularly cleaned up Palm Blvd over 4 years ago.  My hat is tipped to the Windjammer for taking on Palm Blvd. as it is a veritable dump of daytripper trash.  (As a somewhat funny aside, one time we were cleaning it up one Saturday morning and Doug “I love Duke” Thomas found a pair of thong underwear!  I seem to remember him handling it with a stick…)  If the Windjammer regularly cleans this street they certainly deserve this sign.  If they don’t, or if any of the others don’t, these signs need to come down.

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