Old Litter on a Stick




Here are some pics of old signs that have been up for years and years.  Not only are they ugly to look at, they are no longer relevant.

The IOPNA died a slow, peaceful death over 4 years ago and thus has not picked up a scrap of trash since then.  I have never seen the IOP Marina out picking up trash, but perhaps they do.  If so, my hat is tipped to them.  For that matter, the only people I have ever seen picking up trash was the old IOPNA.  They seemed to do it about 3 times a year with no appreciation from the community or any the short term rental owners on Palm Blvd whose easements were full of trash.

More importantly, just what is the purpose of these signs?  They absolutely do not keep people, especially daytrippers, from leaving trash as evidenced by the all the discarded debris that is on Palm Blvd.  I, for one, would be happy to see all of them taken down as they are out of place in a residential community.

Maybe city council could ask the state to take these signs down.  We can only hope.

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