Pat Yourself on the Back

Here is how you pat yourself on the back and take a veiled shot at your opponents:

JC on FB re July 4

As Paul Harvey used to say, here is the rest of the story.

The IOP Fire Department needed to replace its rescue truck.  The replacement was originally budgeted at $229k.  The department submitted a request for a truck upgraded with the capacity to pump water, making it more versatile in responding to a variety of public safety incidents.

The cost of the pumps added $24k to the cost.  Because of inflation and new regulatory requirements, the truck would now cost $352,528.  Fire Chief Graham and the department felt this upgrade was needed to keep us safe.

This was discussed and voted on at the Ways and Means meeting on Feb 17 and at the City Council meeting on Feb 24.

Only 3 councilmembers voted against the truck.  Yep, you guessed it, the hot dog cookers.

Jimmy Carroll

Sandy Ferencz

Jimmy Ward

I could be wrong, but I bet our public safety personnel would rather have the equipment they need to keep us safe rather than someone cooking them some hot dogs one day a year.

The councilmembers who did not show up to cook some dogs voted to give the department the equipment they needed.  The final vote was 6-3, with one hot dog chef, Ryan Buckhannon, voting with the majority.

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