A Survey of IOP Blogs

Here is a list of the blogs/websites currently offering commentary on the IOP:

http://www.ioptoday.com  This is realtor and councilmember Jimmy Carroll’s website.  He usually posts the agendas of upcoming meetings and will, from time to time, write a nice concise summary of issues before council.  I find his summaries to be unbiased and informative.

The website invites comments and has a form to enter them but never posts them.  This editor has posted 2 comments (both reasonable and sincere) and neither was published.  I don’t believe any other comments have ever been published.

Of note, he does not miss an opportunity to let the reader know the island rental market is subsidizing our lifestyle (and, of course, much more so, his!).  Speaking only for myself, I don’t want or need someone to subsidize my lifestyle; I am perfectly capable of paying for the lifestyle I choose.

http://www.iopdaily.com  This blog is produced by former councilmember Tom Gear.  He turns a nice phrase and puts up some good photos, but only seems to do so about twice a year.  A contest he started last summer still has not posted any winners and losers.  The site is running out of gas and that’s too bad.

http://www.ryanbuckhannon.com  This site was touted as “The Conservative Voice of the Islands” later changed to “Your common sense voice of the islands.”  The site appears to have gone dead as there is no content listed.

Send the observer an email if you know of other websites or blogs and we will get them recognition.

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