52nd Avenue’s Wish is Granted


If you enlarge the above picture and look closely you will see that IOP has partially granted the wishes of the citizens of 52nd Avenue, citizens who seem to have aspired to forming their own city.  (See the previous post on their lawsuit with the City of IOP.)

No daytripper (aka The Unwashed Masses) parking is permitted on the street.  At least during the busy summer hours.  Residents with a proper rear window decal will be permitted to park in the easement, but my best guess is that if anyone tries this, you will see more fiberglass poles placed in the easement to prevent parking.  For the record, this is much less expensive and environmentally friendly than the “Jim Owens Method.”

This is where you run your sprinkler all day to keep the cars out the easement.  He had the sprinkler going this past weekend.  Despite my distaste for the tactic, I have to give him this:  It works great!  He is not the Mayor of Palm Blvd for nothing.

One thought on “52nd Avenue’s Wish is Granted

  1. I like his trash can that says leaves on it. It’s out 365 days a year and sure dresses his place up. His place always has cars parked crookedly and is a bigger mess than if he left it alone. If you park there you get a free carwash though.


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