The Observer is back to work

The iopobserver is back to work making observations after a 1 year hiatus.  The editor took a new job and performed a lot of home renovation.  Both time consuming.  What really led to the hiatus, though, was a serious bicycle accident.  While training for Ironman Chattanooga, I had a very serious wreck on the James Island connector (yes, I know, “where cyclists go to die”) one morning at 6 am resulting in a fractured pelvis and a prolonged loss of conssciousness.  My helmet, cracked in 7 places, likely saved my life.  Rehab was slow and painful but everything is now healed up and it is time to get back to commenting on IOP politics.

As always, please feel free to send in comments.  All are published as long as the language and content are not purely inflammatory.  Just click on the title of this posting and it will take you to a page where you can type in a reply.  Once approved by me (which all have been over the past several years) your reply will appear on the website.  This is unlike that takes comments from readers (I have sent in two) but neither responds to nor publishes them.  I wonder why?

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