Rec Room Philosophy

The word is out that IOP wants to build a first rate exercise facility.  Price tag:  $700k.  What this really means is by the time it is finished it will cost over 1 large.  Now, if this were the only place to exercise within 25 miles, it might make sense.  But this is not the case.  There are many privately owned facilities very close by – some as close as Sullivan’s Island and some just across the connector.

The more important question is one of political philosophy.  Should government be in competition with private businesses?  Government has a huge advantage if it is.  Government doesn’t have to buy a business license and does not have to make a profit.  It is generally exempt from the rules it applies to its citizens.  It never has to really worry about a monthly profit and loss statement, because if it should happen to lose money it can always raise taxes.  Talk about sleeping easier at night!

For those who would like to build this facility, I have this question.  Everyone on this island needs a dry cleaner and there is not one close by.  Should the city get in the dry cleaning business?  It could certainly do it cheaper than Chris’ (who has really gotten pricey, but that is another story) because the city would not be trying to generate a profit.

And why stop at dry cleaning?  The city could hire a real estate agent, pay him or her a salary and significantly cut the 6% commission.  The city could hire extra employees for public works and they could cut everyone’s grass.  We all need our grass cut and they could do it cheaper.

I think you get my point. What is interesting to me is how people with a firm, formed philosophy will quickly jettison it if in doing so they benefit in some way (usually financially – the awesome power of money.)

Final thoughts:  unless you are very serious about your fitness, you can get in excellent shape without a rec room.  You can run, walk, bike and swim.  You can stretch and build plenty of muscle using  only your own body weight.  Push-ups, lunges, burpees (these are best done at home anyway because they can easily cause one to barf), planks, squats, sit-ups, etc, etc.  There are now tons of apps for your phone or ipad that will get you in serious shape, all the comfort of your home.  Muster up for home boot camp!

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