No Way Because No Means

The Ways and Means committee met on Jan 19 and being the first meeting of the year, a chairman needed to be selected.  As in previous years, Jimmy Ward wanted to be chairman.

He and his supporters feel that because he is a CPA he will have a better understanding of the city’s finances and, just importantly, find ways to slash “out of control spending.”  Remember, the city already has an excellent CPA on payroll, Debbie Suggs, and her work is stellar.

Jimmy was put into nomination by a passionate speech from Sandy “Fiscal” Ferencz.  Alas, only she, Jimmy and JimDaddy Carrol voted for him to be chairman.  Mayor Dick Cronin was once again elected to the chairman’s seat and newbie Ted Kinghorn was elected as vice chairman.

Jimmy Ward and his army of 2 seem to feel that if he is chairman he would have the power to cut out all the profligate spending.  First of all, there is not that much of it (and if you think there is, please go on record and point it out) and second, he is only 1 vote.

Of interest, over the past 4 years our city council has had 5 fiscal conservatives who wanted to cut spending.  Buckhannon, Carroll, Ferencz, Loftus and Ward.  Yep, that’s a majority!  They could have worked together and cut out all the waste.  They could have “cut to the bone, baby!”

So, what actually happened?  The budget went up each year!

One final point.  To get things done in a representative democracy, you have to work with people who may not totally agree with you.  You can disagree, but you can’t be disagreeable.  (A perfect example of this on the national stage right now is Ted Cruz.)  Jimmy PPO Ward is just not pleasant to work with according to other council members.  Even when he had a good idea, others are less likely to listen.

So, a new year, some new council members, and the same result.  But that is fine because Mayor Dick Cronin has done an excellent job of leading the committee, and despite some strange misperceptions out there, he has not sneakingly shoveled boatloads of money into Wild Dunes!

Must Reading for Wild Dunes Voters

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 8.13.30 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-25 at 8.13.57 PM

The above says it all.  Jimmy’s minions want to reignite the war with those behind the gates.  From what I can tell they don’t like Loftus because he lives in Wild Dunes!  Last time I checked Wild Dunes was the home of our Mayor and accounted for 53% of our accommodation taxes.  Taxes that Jimmy Carroll gushes about on every third post on his website because “the visitors are paying for our lifestyle.”

Bitchin’ & Moanin’ by Jimmy W

Ways and Means - Jimmy FB

This is a few months old, but it is too good to pass up.  What Jimmy fails to note is that NO ONE nominated him for the position of vice-chair of the committee.  Neither of his sidekicks put his name into the hat.  Jimmy Carroll nominated Mike Loftus and Sandy Ferencz nominated Barb Bergwerf!

And what follows next can only be labelled as “the kettle calling the coal black.”

Jimmy complaining on FB

Let’s Light This Candle! *

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 6.18.35 PM

Having figured out how to get someone else to pay for new lights in the business district, Jimmy Ward now wants to pollute Forest Trail with light all night.  Is this really what people who live on Forest Trail want?  Is there a lot of crime going on back there?  I kinda doubt it.  So what is the purpose?

Oh, by the way, don’t forget about paying for all the extra electricity.  Bad for the taxpayer and bad for the environment.  Let’s just deep 6 this idea right now.

* Quote is attributed to Alan Shepard, commander of Mercury Freedom 7 as it was on the launchpad at Cape Canaveral, May 6, 1961.

Should We Really Move Public Works 10 Miles off the Island?


Public works3

Jimmy Ward would like the IOP to spend over 1 million dollars to move the Dept of Public Works off the island.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 11.02.38 AM

Jimmy says the building is unsightly, smelly and the land will need some environmental mitigation to ensure it is not contaminating Hamlin Creek.

Look at the above connector pictures.  I bet you, like me, have never even noticed the building as you came over the bridge, except at Christmas when there is a light bulb Santa on it.  The fact is the building is not visible until you are almost off the bridge, and then only for a split second.

Here is what Jimmy is not telling you in his Facebook post.  He has said that Long Point Road would be a good location.  Not only would this be terribly inconvenient, it would be terribly expensive.  The city has already conducted a preliminary evaluation of keeping the department where it is and doing environmental remediation.

Sit down before you read this.  Estimated expense to fix up the current site is $284,000.  Estimated expense to move the site to Long Point road is $1,116,000.

The numbers come from a March 4 memo written by Douglas Kerr, Director of Building and Planning.

Finally, not only is this a nutty idea, but, because 1 councilmember thought it a good one, hours and hours of staff time were burned up to satisfy this quixotic idea.

Mr. Ward, you are free to keep the ideas coming, but please quit calling yourself a “fiscal conservative.”

Why is this man so angry?

Click on the above video file from the January 2015 IOP City Council Meeting to get a taste of Jimmy Ward, PPO.  (Perpetually Pissed Off)  It is not as obvious on the video as it is when seen live, but Jimmy is just “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.”  Why?  Who knows.

This is part of the reason Jimmy has never been able to get “his” legislation passed.  In a representative democracy you have to make concessions and build coalitions that are for the common good.  Being grouchy, angry and acerbic just doesn’t endear others to want to work with you.